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What is a D.O.?

As Explained by Medical Communicator, Dr. Mike
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Our Team

Anthony King, D.O.

Mitchell Durante, D.O.

Osteopathic Techniques

OMT isn’t just a list of techniques, it’s a diagnostic approach built on the full foundation of medical knowledge and used to discover the root cause(s) of a condition and its symptoms. Once the source has been uncovered, there are numerous techniques we use to return those structures to a healthy state or at the very least, return it to a point where it can start healing normally.

• Myofascial Release​

Directly contacting injured tissues to unwind the injury, open the flow of fluid, reset the nerves, and return them to a state of proper healing and function.

• Counterstrain

Indirectly unwinding myofascial structures in spasm to release its tension.

• Balanced Ligamentous Tension

Balancing the tension along an injured ligament/joint complex.

• Ligamentous Articular Strain

Compressing and balancing an injured tissue complex.

• Muscle Energy

Alternating between stretching and balancing the engaged myofascial structures structure with active resistance by the person being treated.

We seek to eliminate the stress and inefficiency of a typical doctor’s office. Please select an appointment from our calendar on the next page. It will take you through each step needed before your visit with us so that we spend our time together treating you and not doing paperwork.

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456 North New Ballas Road, Suite 324,
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